Our patisserie and cake selection

Our customers have spoken, so we have compiled a selection of the most popular cakes and patisserie, these are firm favourites with our most loyal customers over the years.

It is very important to Anne’s patisserie that each and every one of our customers experiences the same sensations we do when we eat a slice of our favourite cake.

We believe that simplicity and flavour is the recipe for success.

For us perfection comes in the form of a freshly baked egg custard tart with a warming cup of tea.

We have been very pleased over the years that our petite patisserie has been recognised and given numerus national awards for its consistency to produce great tasting desserts and cakes.

Highlighting our commitment to producing top quality patisserie.

So if you would like to just treat yourself with a single item or wish to add something special to your dinner party or wishing to cater for a wedding or corporate event please contact us . We look forward to you enquiry.

We want to share with you what we experience every day.

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Baked Tarts
Plain biscuit base topped with a zingy lemon cheesecake cream finished with a generous scattering of blueberries and gently baked to perfection. Note this contains egg
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Plain biscuit base topped with vanilla cheesecake cream, home-made milk chocolate fudge pieces drizzled with dark chocolate ganache and finished with chocolate shavings.
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This one’s for the chocoholics. Chocolate biscuit base topped with an orange and dark chocolate cheesecake cream finished with chocolate ganache brownies chunks and chocolate shavings.

Occasion Cakes

Created by Anne's Patisserie
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