Allergies & Dietary Requirements

Cake environment

At Anne’s Patisserie, we use many ingredients some of which may cause an allergic reaction when consumed.

The food standards agency has issued to food producers a comprehensive list of 14 allergens that may cause an allergic reaction when consumed, below is a list of the allergens used with-in our bakery.

Making, gluten-free cakes in our bakery

Note: Anne’s Patisserie is not a gluten-free or nut-free bakery. It is possible that cakes made without these ingredients may still contain trace elements of nuts and gluten.

We, however, take great care when producing gluten-free cakes, making them separately using thoroughly sterilised utensils and working areas. Producing them at different times to our standard cakes, and assembling and packaging them separately.

Dietary requirements

Anne’s Patisserie wishes everyone who loves cake to be able to indulge despite having Allergies or dietary requirements.
For all inquiries regarding the flavours and variety of sponges available please contact Anne for full details.
We can bake gluten free, and dairy free cakes. Get in touch to discuss your requirements here.

Ingredients we use

  • Gluten – This is contained in our plain and self-raising flour.


  • Nuts – Although we do not use the main allergic nuts, peanut and cashew, we do use other form of nuts which include ground almonds, hazel nuts, walnuts nuts and pistachios.


  • Eggs –These are used in all baked cakes.


  • Milk – We use butter, butter milk, cream, semi-skimmed milk and cream cheese, all of which contain the allergen milk.


  • Soya – This is contained in the chocolate we use.


  • Sulphur Dioxide – This allergen is contained with-in alcohol and is used as a preservative in dried fruits.

For further information and to obtain the full list of allergens please visit the food standards agency website.

Product information

The products we sell through our website will have icons in the description to advise you what ingredients the product contains or may contain traces of. The icons are as follows:







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